Shipping policy

  • Your order will be delivered within 1 to 4 business days with Octopus Logistics company. In some cases, the delay in delivery can be an extra two days, especially during high seasons. Octopus is not a partner company of TopArabica, therefore, it is ONLY responsible for DELIVERY.

  • Make sure to ask about the invoice to protect your right in case of returns or any complaints. TopArabica is not responsible at all for all the mistakes held with the shipping company upon delivery, especially cash collection mistakes for COD payments. Also, TopArabica is not responsible for the timing of delivery as for coordination with the shipping company, so customers can track their shipments directly with the shipping company Octopus and agree on the delivery date and time. 

  • Boxes are strictly not allowed to be opened upon delivery due to an agreement between both companies, TopArabica and Octopus Logistics, to avoid losing any items and for both companies' protection. For more information about return or exchange, you can check our "return policy".

  • For more information, you may contact us on social media or call us at 76 191 121.

Thank you for shopping with us